How many times have we told ourselves that not much escapes from us?

Most of us would like to think that but for me it’s the car keys that go missing or some piece of important paperwork due to my child’s school from time to time. But do I like to think I have my life together? You bet I’d to think such things. So what are we really telling ourselves when we brush things under the carpet or tell ourselves that we have control of everything? We are telling ourselves that we don’t need to hold ourselves accountable. Wrong! Just like we hold others accountable for their things, we owe it to ourselves to be accountable for our hectic life.

We skirt holding ourselves responsible


“I’m too busy.”

“There is not enough hours in the day.”

“Well they didn’t get their work done.”

“Everyone else is having fun.”

We have used them since we were children. People have mastered them from an early age. They have no business justifying why we didn’t get anything written or why we haven’t sat down and spent time with someone. They also don’t serve as a placeholder for avoidance of responsibility.

Loss of Interest

Things we once had interest in, have slowly dwindled in place of things we currently enjoy. But just because we have a task doesn’t mean that we can afford to dance around the task. After all, dishes can’t wash themselves and your book certainly will not write itself down on paper.

Off the beaten path

Remember that whole loss of interest thing? Humans are creatures of habit, yet it’s amazing that we struggle to make patterns. Though once we have a routine, changing that routine is almost just as hard as making it was the first time. Sometimes it can be even harder. Be conscious of the efforts to change your pattern.

Breaking out of the nonsense

Schedule Time

This doesn’t have to be a lot of time. Give yourself time to do your tasks but don’t give yourself too much time or we get the urge to get sidetracked. Making the time and using it for its intended purpose is what matters.

Follow -Up

We all know that annoying boss who follows up on our job at work. Parents follow up on their children after they ask them to clean their rooms. But how many of us actually stop and follow up on ourselves? Follow up on yourself or find someone who is willing to step up and fill these shoes for you.

Reward Yourself

We treat ourselves for any number of things, so why not sticking to the plan. When we do what we are supposed to do, it can be as simple as a ‘gold star’ for getting the job done. I have a good friend of mine who once told me, “everyone loves stickers.” I never understood that she meant that statement literally. That was until I started holding myself accountable for my daily to do list. When my to do list is complete, my calendar give myself a sticker for that day. It may seem silly for a grown adult to have a sticker addictions but it works and it’s not even an expensive reward.

What motivates you?

What motivates you? How do you hold yourself accountable? I’d love to hear how others overcome the struggle.


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