Don’t let your ideas run away

Writing distractions are everywhere. Back when I began my blog, one of my first posts was about falling down the rabbit hole of social media. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes it can be something a little more complicated. There are a vast group of writers who also swing a full-time job. This can make those midnight writing calls near impossible. What about when you are awake? This is a great time to be productive. Hold up there, cowboy. Your boss will not be impressed if you are daydreaming during a staff meeting and missing that powerpoint he spent working on for all of ten minutes. So how do you make notes to come back to later? Here are some of the ways that notetaking can be made convenient in some cases.

During a staff meeting

There is little you can do in these situations. Unless you are supposed to be taking notes, then writing is oftentimes frowned upon. In the cases where you are needing to take notes, you are busy taking notes. The best thing to do is write it down as soon as you can after you get out of your meeting.

I have meetings every day before shift. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a pen. Writing it down can be really difficult when I am wandering around talking to people and giving directions. It just isn’t always convenient, so all you can do is try.

In the car

Call Siri if you have an iPhone. She takes notes for you. DO NOT TYPE AND DRIVE. If she gets a word wrong, oh well, it’s just a reminder note for this awesome idea anyway. If you don’t have an iPhone? Then try voice to text apps. Again, don’t be texting and driving. If you can’t do it hands-free wait until you stop the vehicle.

In the shower

I’ve seen so many options here. Outside of Siri there are waterproof tablet and phone cases. Not a place that I would personally take a phone but some have had success with this. Though again, autocorrect loves to get in the way.

When you can’t have your phone with you

Some of us have jobs where access to our phone is not a thing or just not practical. Nor can we have notepads on us filled with story notes when we have to turn them into our bosses at the end of the day. Sometimes all we can do is try our best and remember them.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to let me know down below in the comments. Time-strapped writers are always looking for new ways to get our notes down!


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