Dear Police Officer

Dear Police Officer,

I need to apologize. I had to make a decision on a very narrow street to get out of the way of the first responders as I heard sirens coming towards me. You were behind me and I forced you to back up by inching my vehicle towards you. Someone needed medical attention and I gave way to the Firetruck and Ambulance who needed the space. I know you were trying to respond to a call (maybe even the same call) as soon as I saw your lights turn on, but I had nowhere to go on the streets. I stayed in your way until the others could pass.

My intention was not to block you from responding and I know I made your day harder by sitting in your way. I had to make a decision and I was out of options. Medical personnel were given right of way. I hope wherever you needed to go that you got there safely once I moved my vehicle out of your path.



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