X-ray is for x-amining your approach to advice on writing

I’ve been doing a lot of posts about writing the last few days and today I was hoping to write about one of my other blog topics but alas here I am again discussing writing. However, this impromptu topic came from a question I asked about my work in progress. The response to my question had little to do with directly helping me solve the problem. More importantly, it made me take a step back from my current work in progress and give myself yet another set of reader interpretation. Without ever having read what I was writing another author brought up something I had never even thought about before, time drift.

Lucky for me, there is not too much I need to change looking through these lenses. Though from this I took an even more valuable piece of advice. Writing and immersing myself in the world of writing, I have learned there are so very many opinions and all things are interpreted differently by different people. While some might like certain literary techniques, others will hate them. You can’t please everyone but you can learn from these opinions. Use them to grow yourself as a writer.

What might not apply now, maybe it applies down the road. Advice in the world of writing is as varied as it is opinionated. But overlooking advice is definitely something I am filing away on my list of things ‘not to do’. There is always something to be improved upon and someone else may just be dangling a key in front of you when you are turning a blind eye. If like me you take some advice with a grain of salt, you may be missing a set of keys somewhere.


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