Victor is for venomous spiders stealing productivity

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Productivity and enthusiasm are bound to be hampered when you try to work efficiently. Maybe you feel like you are overwhelmed, feeling like you are getting nothing accomplished. It could be worse, spiders could kill your productivity. More specifically, in my case, a single brown recluse spider.

Somewhere in the last month, a brown recluse spider made the inside of my computer her home. She laid her eggs inside of the computer, and no I didn’t catch her to ask her why she decided this idea was a smart one. Figuratively speaking, watching my computer give birth to spiders was a frightening experience. All productivity went off the rails.

After ridding my computer of these not so welcomed housemates (which involved the exterminator), I tried to reboot the computer. This was simply not meant to happen. My computer was dead. One of the spider’s little darlings fried the motherboard. I went shopping for a new computer, which resulted in two trips to Wal-mart, two trips to Target, and one to Staples (not in that order) so that I could compare prices.

Luckily, all my files were backed up. Losing photoshop felt like the end of the world. So during this lack of productivity yesterday, it seeped into my creative enthusiasm. However, I have learned that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. This story inspired my friend, Angela, to create the vector art you see in this post. It made me realize that sometimes all it takes is to find the humor in the snafus of life.

What unique ways has productivity taken a turn for the better for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Image (C) to Angela Santoro at The Scribbler Experiment


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