Tango is for time management

Time management is important for everyone but if you are an author, time can be at a premium. So how do you pull off being Superman or Wonder Woman? The secret is time management. Even Clark Kent had to manage his time wisely. He balanced a family, a career, and saving the world. Maybe we aren’t out saving the world but our characters might be. So where are we going to find the same time management?


Scheduling is the most important thing you can do. Especially with all of the aspects, authors are juggling today. Social media, author resource groups, family time, writing, editing, not to mention those of us who have a mailing list. If you don’t have a mailing list, you should. There are some great social media schedulers. I schedule my social media on HootSuite once a week. I mix it with organic replies and responses but it takes the guess work out of spending a million years on twitter, facebook, and google +.

Take advantage of downtime

My downtime happens to be when my kids go off to school and after they go to bed. In the summertime, that gets even harder to find a time where it is quiet in the house. I have learned that I cannot write with the quiet and have begun to embrace the noise.

Family Time

When your family is all home and together, put down the writing and walk away. Embrace the family time, as it is still the most precious time and it is time you cannot get back. I spend time with my husband in the morning while the kids are in school. When the kids get home from school, I spend my time with them until it’s bedtime. My time is after I have given them my time.
Crunched for time? Katherine Grubb has a great book, Writing A Novel In Ten Minutes A Day. It’s a great read for anyone who is trying to manage their writing time and their other stuff time.


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