Oscar is for online footprints

Everywhere you do these days, someone knows where you have been. Let’s talk social media and writing. Web crawlers love to visit social media sites. The good news if you are posting correctly on these sites then you are growing your SEO. The bad news is anything you post here is searchable.

You know the ugly comment made on someone’s facebook page? Google knows where it is, especially if the page’s privacy settings are low. How many people could potentially this post? More than you want to think. Those who post things hateful things about their boss and jobs may want to think twice. All of this information stays floating around in cyberspace.

Sometimes the footprints we leave are small, such as analytics tracking which link we chose to click. Other times, SEO takes off with the information like wildfire. Can you bury these larger oops? Not likely. Especially, in the age of screen shots. On twitter, even if you delete a post someone may still have clicked the link. The secret is out now.

What does this mean for authors? Anything you publish to the web never really disappears. This is even more so if you choose to store your information in a cloud, your information is not completely safe. With that being said, you are the one who has to look out for you and your brand.

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