November is for Neglect is abuse too

Neglect is not only detrimental, it is abuse. This is not only referring to child neglect (which is classified as child abuse in the legal sense) but the neglect of person. People neglect others and do not even realize they are doing so. Have you spoken to your significant other today in a positive and uplifting manner? Have you called a sibling or parent to tell them that you love them? These are a few things that take a simple part of the day to make a person feel appreciated and special.

People are by nature social creatures who thrive on the interactions with others. The result of being alone without anyone showing their support can lead to anxiety, depression, and in more extreme cases suicide. There is hope and it lies in this social interaction. There are many ways to seek this interaction if you are feeling like you need the stimulus.

Joining a pickup game of your favorite sport at a rec center is one of the most simple ways to get outdoor time as well. However, if you prefer to be indoors you can always put down the phone, video game, or other distracting device and play a game of checkers with a friend. Volunteer at a library to read to children. Play cards or sit and share a conversation with a friend about a mutual area of interest. Sometimes the little things make the greatest impact.

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