Lima is for Listening to Survivors

I recently wrote an article on Bonding with Survivors. One major point in the post touched on listening. Listening is so important that expanding on that is essential.

Listening is the key to many things in life: customer service, business deals, and best friends. Why is this such a centerfold of life? Knowing that someone is listening makes the storyteller feel important.  Survivors are not different, having someone listen makes them feel like they matter. This is an essential step in helping them heal.

Survivors are some of the hardest fighting, toughest, and sweetest people anyone could ever meet. These are people who know what it feels like to be low on self-esteem and their sense of self-worth back. Social stigmas today lead to victim blaming and this is retroactive. Not only is it detrimental but listening to survivor’s stories could solve so much of this terrible happenstance.

The fear of criticism is another reason that a survivor may not choose to be open. They need to know their story matters and that they aren’t being judged. When their story matters, they matter. When they matter, their self-esteem takes a boost. Sit down with a survivor and listen to their story.

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