Delta is for deaths of a character

Character deaths can have a strong impact on a story, but only if they fit the storyline. Needless killing off of characters that do not further the plot breaks down trust with a reader. Readers form a bond with characters, especially main characters. They are emotionally invested and if their death makes no sense? They will feel gipped.

Character deaths are not solutions for:

  • Writer’s block

    This is the easy way out and readers will notice.

  • Growing tired of a character

    If you have grown tired of a character then perhaps editing and some character development is in order.

  • They serve no plot purpose any longer

    Everything in the plot should have a purpose even deaths, perhaps you should go revisit your plot.

  • Emotional impact

    Without a purpose this emotional impact this death will not have the desired effect.

If you are sure that killing a character is to further the plot, then do it justice. Lazy writing out a character death has zero impact on your reader. In all likelihood, it will be noticed but not in the way you intended. Remember,  you owe the reader a well-written death.

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