Bravo is for Bonding with survivors

Bonding, as society sees it, is simple. There are many people who take this for granted. Bonding is a natural process that forms from necessity. However, many survivors of abuse and other trauma may not seek out this bond with others. They may also avoid the support systems around them.

Bonding for survivors is difficult because it involves trust. Trust, when broken, is not easily restored. Does that mean you should stop trying to bond with these survivors? Absolutely not. Difficult does not mean impossible. It takes a bit a patience, and survivors need bonding the most. Spend some time and get to know a new friend. Don’t pass judgment when they do become open with their experiences.

To become friends with someone, you don’t need to have their life story. You can begin the bonding process over a shared love of a sport, love of the same book, or even that soft spot for animals. The possibilities to the beginning of a friendship are endless. Reaching out to survivors with normalcy will help end the stigma and remind them they are people. It helps the healing process. Be open and reach out, it means more than you realize.

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