Alfa is for Abuse lasts a lifetime

Domestic Abuse

According to a United Nations study, domestic abuse affects 22% of women. Women aren’t the only ones affected. One in six men are also affected by domestic abuse. This can be present in the form of spousal abuse as well as intimate partner violence. The stigma created that domestic violence is physical has been laid to rest. Psychological effects hitch a ride along in the aftermath of physical abuse as well. Overcoming domestic abuse is not about the physical mark disappearing. Fear is a powerful battle fought long after a survivor has moved past the victim stage. Yes, these survivors can thrive but that is not capable of erasing the memories.

Child Abuse

Child abuse affects one child every ten seconds. Over three million cases a year in the United States are referred to authorities. The majority of these cases involve someone that the child knows. Caretakers or parents who interact with the child on a daily basis. This broken trust between child and guardian/caregiver impacts the relationship in question. The distrust is carried with the child into new relationships, thus making new bonds harder to form.

Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse can be a fickle creature. This is one that can stand on its own or conjunction with other forms of abuse making the statistics harder to pinpoint. In either case, the effects of the abuse do not dissipate. Self-worth, trust, and the inability to feel like they cannot control a situation can stick around for some time. All of these may be results that follow in the aftermath. Self-esteem easy to break down, but not so easily rebuilt. Guilt is also a pressing issue for many of those who are abused.

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