First Female Infantry Marine

Traditionally, the closest women have been able to get to combat positions in the United States Military are those who served as military police. Times are changing. Private First Class Maria Daume graduated as the first woman infantry on March twenty-third of 2017. In December of 2015, females were “without exception” allowed into combat positions within all branches of the US Military.  This came after two females were able to pass the US Army ranger training course in August of 2015 but could not join because, at the time, females were not allowed in combatant roles.

This differs in many countries. While the US has one of the largest militaries in the world and 15% of US military personnel are women, the US is one of the few which restricts roles that women can fill. Many European countries the females have their own special force units. Much of this is due to the fact that some of the standing militaries in various smaller countries are much smaller. When a military only has 86,000 at full force; women tend to play a more vital role in the system.

So why can’t US women play this vital role? They can and they are. PFC Maria Duame is paving the way for females marines.  See her first interview after passing infantry school here. Congratulations Maria!

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