So you fell down the rabbit hole?

Youtube, google image search, television, and social media are notorious for kicking you down a rabbit hole if you aren’t careful. How many times a day do we kick on the television to listen to some person rambling about their view on politics to realize there is nothing on the television? Yet, for some reason it stays on throughout the day. Probably with some program you aren’t even watching. The same can be said for Youtube, you watch one video and then suddenly you click on ‘recommended for you’ and can’t seem to let go of the mouse?  Just turn it off. Let’s face it, it’s distracting you.

You are unproductive when your attention is split. I’m just as guilty of it. Make it a conscious effort to turn off the distractions around you. They are amusing but that crime drama or medical show you turned on is not going to help you with that Sci-Fi thriller or your interview with a dragon slayer. Just today I went searching for something to help with my book and found myself looking at horse cartoons. (Hint: this wasn’t helping with the novel at all.)

So how do you turn off all of these distractions? I turn off the computer and grab a pen and notebook. If I come across something I need to research, I write it down on another sheet of paper and I keep writing. Why? It chases me out of my rabbit hole and helps me maintain my focus. Other distractions can even be other ideas in my head. I write them down so I don’t forget them and I will grow them later. The more ideas I plant the more rabbit holes they seem to make. Don’t let the rabbit holes win!!

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