How important is your work space?

This is a question many people find themselves asking. For me work space is a must. Unfortunately, I share a little corner of my living room. The first thing to look for in a work place is your setting. If it’s entirely too loud, if possible you might try relocating to somewhere that is quieter. For me, working in a quiet environment doesn’t work well. I am used to the noise of the children, the television in the same room blaring, and the inevitable car alarm going off just outside my window.

As you can see I share my space with the fish (and sometimes my cat). Honestly, they don’t get in the way and they are something to watch when I start thinking on something. Most of the time, I write in a notebook before I ever even transfer what I am writing to the computer. I have just enough desk space to do that. But the bottom line is the room is there.

Organization, I can’t repeat how important having things organized helps. Clutter on my desk drives me mad. However, the more desk space I have the more I tend to use. If there is room for a stapler; a note pad, five hula dancers, and the fish then that is exactly what is going to be on my desktop. I refuse to even have the pens ON the desk as result (the cat would probably knock the cup of them over anyway). Point being, find what works for you. Don’t let the stress of a work environment get to you. You have better things to focus on!

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