The adventure begins

You have decided that you want to write, so you take out a pen and start to fill what is the start of many notebooks. There is no organization yet, just an idea and the drive to write. That’s how most of it all starts. You want to jump into the endless sea of fish that have called themselves writers. Maybe you just write blog posts, or short stories. No matter what genre or type of writing you do; you started somewhere. Just like everyone else. Congratulations! You now start on a wonderful adventure.

Maybe your adventure is full of pirates, dragons, or a lovers’ quarrel. Maybe your journey is setting out to share your experiences with the world. Whatever it is, with open arms! Welcome!

You are probably wondering what lies ahead. I can be honest, I have had sleepless nights because characters will not stop playing beer pong in my head. (Hint: I have never played the game in my life). Some days are full of discouraging series events that make it hard to write, others the pen doesn’t come off the paper. For fiction writers, sometimes it can mean a change in mood. It’s a wonderful roller coaster of emotions and it’s totally worth every moment!

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