How many times have we told ourselves that not much escapes from us? Most of us would like to think that but for me it’s the car keys that go missing or some piece of important paperwork due to my child’s school from time to time. But do I like to think I have my … More Accountability

Processing Emotion

Processing through the emotions after any traumatic experience can be difficult. The process of letting things go takes time more often than just a simple flip of a switch. Even a simple switch goes through a process of an electrical circuit in order to turn everything off. The process of a porch light coming on … More Processing Emotion

What Matters Most

It’s not always easy Today I was reminded of many things when it comes to handling calls. I had call that I can’t discuss. The blue wall of silence is real and hitting it today was like running into a brick wall. I wasn’t part of the responding units but I had to make sure … More What Matters Most

Creative Therapy 2

Creative Therapy 2: More Words by Sandrine Spycher In the continuation of Creative Therapy (published in December 2016), Creative Therapy 2: More Words is a collection of poems written spontaneously day in day out depending on the mood and emotions of the moment. The title refers to the therapeutic aspect of art and creativity. And … More Creative Therapy 2

Helpful Resources An online information center dedicated to those battling addiction, mental health issues and domestic violence. Their goal is to equip families with the necessary tools and resources to guide them on the road to recovery. You can access the site here: or call 877-695-5395 Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) is a behavioral health initiative … More Helpful Resources